Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs


Plastic yard signs are inexpensive, durable and weatherproof.  A fantastic choice for your campaign and other promotions.

Yard signs are great for your inexpensive yard sign needs. Made of plastic, these signs are very durable and can withstand rain, snow, and wind.  They are portable, lightweight, eco-friendly and completely recyclable. Yard signs are great for long term and short term use, and store well for reuse at another time. Corrugated plastic yard signs are the perfect choice for campaigns, real estate listings, school and business signs, events and promotions.

Yard signs are digitally printed in full color. This method of printing results in the highest quality print.  No limitations or restrictions on your sign’s graphics or design (use as many colors as you want!). They are slightly more expensive than screen-printed one-color yard signs, but we are confident you will love the vibrancy and quality.


Plastic yard signs are 4mm (approximately 1/4″) thick with vertical fluting (vertical fluting up to 48”).  They are durable and versatile for outdoor signage. Yard signs are displayed with optional wire stakes added during the order process.  They can also be installed in metal real estate frames (available in 24″x 18″ size) or hung with grommets.  Artwork gets digitally printed with Eco-Solvent inks for eye-popping colors and long term durability.


  • Common sizes are: 24″x 18″, 18″x 24″, 18″x12″, 12″ x 18″, 36″x 24″, 24″ x 36″.
  • Larger “yard sign” sizes are available upon request (up to 96″ x 48″), but require additional framework for installation (typically mounted to a board or wall).
  • Yard signs are single or double-sided, cut to a specific shape and have wire stakes added for display purposes. (please inquire for pricing and qty requirements for custom shapes)

plastic yard signs
corrugated plastic yard signs

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Are you looking for an effective and budget-friendly way to promote your business, event, or message? Look no further than our corrugated plastic yard signs! These signs are the ultimate marketing tool, offering unparalleled versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Marketing and Advertising Made Easy: Corrugated plastic yard signs are an ideal solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With their eye-catching design and strategic placement, these signs effortlessly draw attention and create brand visibility. Whether you’re advertising a grand opening, announcing a special promotion, supporting a political campaign, or directing traffic to your event, these signs serve as powerful tools to spread your message to a wide audience.

Their Versatility Knows No Bounds: One of the key advantages of corrugated plastic yard signs is their versatility. Lightweight and easy to transport, these signs can be placed virtually anywhere, ensuring maximum exposure for your message. Common applications include:

  1. Real Estate: Announce property for sale or rent, attracting potential buyers and tenants effortlessly.
  2. Political Campaigns: Garner support for your candidate, issue, or cause, making your message visible throughout the community.
  3. Events and Festivals: Direct attendees, provide crucial information, and promote sponsors, enhancing the overall event experience.
  4. Business Promotion: Boost foot traffic and sales by promoting your products, services, or special offers.

Cost-Effectiveness: Your Marketing Budget’s Best Friend Corrugated plastic yard signs are a savvy investment for any marketing campaign. Their cost-effectiveness stems from several factors:

  1. Durable Materials: Crafted from high-quality corrugated plastic, these signs are weather-resistant and withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring they last for an extended period.
  2. Reusability: Thanks to their durability, these signs can be reused for multiple campaigns or events, maximizing your investment and minimizing waste.
  3. Affordable Production: With modern printing techniques, bulk production of yard signs becomes remarkably affordable, making it possible to order in large quantities without breaking the bank.
  4. High Impact: Despite their low cost, yard signs have a high impact on local audiences, generating leads and creating brand recognition in the process.
  5. Easy Distribution: Lightweight and compact, corrugated plastic yard signs are easy to distribute and install, saving you time and effort in the marketing process.

Take the First Step Towards Effective Marketing: Unlock the potential of your marketing efforts. These versatile, durable, and cost-effective signs are your ticket to increased visibility, brand awareness, and business success. Start creating your custom yard signs today, and watch as they work tirelessly to broadcast your message and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. The world is your canvas; let your signs paint the picture of your success!